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Why We Are Going to Chateauguay

Serving Alongside

Our_Team.jpg Seven members of our church will travel to Châteauguay (French: shȧ'tō'gắ'), Quebec (French: kebɛk), Canada from September 15-22. Châteauguay is an off-island suburb of Montreal, in southwestern Quebec. It is located both on the Chateauguay River and Lac St-Louis, which is a section of the St. Lawrence River. The population of the city of Châteauguay as of the 2011 Census was 45,904, and the surrounding area was 70,812.

We will live with and work alongside members of Eglise Chretienne le Rocher (The Christian Church on the Rock). The pastor is Daniel Cimon who says on their website, “The Christian Church on the Rock is a church that really wants to see a revival in Quebec. I believe God is at work in these last days and that he wishes to spread His Spirit on all who call on him. I think our society has a great need to know Jesus Christ, and that our responsibility is to make it known.” In Montreal, less than one half of 1% (4 of every 1000) of the people are Christians, and the culture is very disinterested in God, almost antagonistic.

This church feels strongly the call to evangelize their community and to meet the needs of people around them. It is a small congregation of 80-100 people, and the Food Box ministry is their way of reaching the community. The ministry brings about 100 families per week in contact with the Pastor Daniel and the people of Eglise Chretienne le Rocher.

Our days will be full visiting and encouraging Christian work on the Kahnawake Indian Reservation; sharing our faith and encouraging those at La Masion Mathieu d’Montreal (Matthew House of Montreal) and Meubles et Monde (a furniture supply for refugee families); collecting, sorting and packing food boxes for the Food Box Ministry; and greeting families who come to pick up food boxes. We will also have an opportunity to visit the Matthew House in Ottawa with our friends, Kim and Marc Wyatt.

Team members are Scott and Heather Hovey, Jim and Barbara Hastings, Joy Falcon, Clara Murray, and Michel Williams. In the coming days, you will receive a prayer guide the team has prepared outlining specific prayer needs of people, activities, and concerns in Canada. We ask your prayers for us as we go and as we work, and for the Eglise Chretienne le Rocher and Chateauguay. ===

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