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Church in Chateauguay

Sunday, September 16, 2012

sunny 63 °F

We were welcomed to a wonderful Sunday service beginning at 10 am this morning. Pastor Daniel opened the service by preparing our hearts for worship with communion. Isabella, Pastor Daniel’s daughter, led us in a wonderful worship service. We sang and praised God for an hour with music in French and English. Pastor Daniel’s son-in-law, Ben, and son, Jean Daniel played guitar, acoustic and bass, as well. What a blessing seeing a family working in ministry together! Scott was called forward to deliver and present our Temple love offering. A_Gift_for_the_Church.jpg It was very well received. Thank you all for your very generous gifts! It was wonderful for those of you that were not here in person to be here in spirit with us during the morning service. Scott gave a wonderful sermon on not losing heart. He delivered a passionate message to the church about not becoming too discouraged when times are difficult or trying. He preached from Luke 18:1-8. Scott_Preached.jpgAfter church we were all able share a wonderful meal together at Pastor Daniel’s home and his wife Josie is a phenomenal cook and we have eaten very well! Josie does not speak any English but she is having a good time listening to us and we are having a wonderful experience listening to her. We were able to learn more about the French and Quebec after lunch today with Pastor Daniel. We later went on a drive around the city and hit the super market. Pastor Daniel shared with us a very moving story about God leading the church to its present location. He spoke about the church praying week after week and about dreams and visions and miracles. Pastor Daniel and the church have been very faithful to God and God has been very present in their ministry. We have learned a lot today about Canada, Quebec, Montreal, and the importance of hockey!

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Home Again

Leaving is Always Hard

sunny 73 °F

Today we are leaving our friends in Chateauguay to return to Durham. Pastor Daniel's wife Josee hosted us for early breakfast at 6:30 am. There were eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, toast and coffee. Yum, yum, what a great send-off.

The drive to Burlington was uneventful and passing through Immigration Control was easy. Flights were smooth except when we passed through a cold front which gave us a brief bumpy ride. All the luggage arrive on the same plane as us--hurrah!

Now, home to bed after a long day.

It has been a very good week. We've made new friends in Ottawa and especially in Chateauguay. We hope to see them again someday. We've worked for refugees and for the hungry, and gone home tired. But it's a good tired that comes from following God where He leads and doing work He gives us to do. By making this trip, we have found God working in Canada and joined Him in that work.

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Seeing Montreal

A Visit to Old Montreal


Today was a day to visit the big city. We spent the day learning more about the Quebecois and their biggest city. We traveled first to the Church of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of Montreal. It is on the highest point in the city and has unbelievable vistas. There are 300 steps up from the parking lot up to the church. The steps are divided into 3 sections with the middle section reserved for pilgrims who climb the steps to the top on their knees.

We ate lunch at Swartz's Deli for Montreal's famous smoked meat. Sandwiches were delicious. (The restaurant is owned by Celene Dion's husband, Rene.)

The next stop was the underground shopping mall--4 floors of stores and shops. Then on to Old Montreal which is as European as any city in North America. During dinner it began to rain. We all got a little wet going back to the van.


It was a wonderful day of fun and sightseeing, and an interesting way to end the week of work and learning.

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Matthew House, Ottawa

Monday – September 17, 2012

sunny 73 °F

Today we drove the 2.5 hours from Chateauguay to Ottawa. It was a beautiful drive. The leaves have just started to turn colors. We arrived at the home of Marc and Kim Wyatt who greeted us with open and welcoming arms. Lunch was wonderful and then we quickly made our way to Dymond Storage. Before leaving the house, Marc and Kim showed us the carport where the furniture storage began and brought us back to 2007 when God’s plan was set into motion. The Dymond Storage is large, indoors and heated for the freezing days. The company proved three storage spaces around the city at no cost to the ministry. The storage units are unlocked and available to anyone who needs furniture or other items inside. Workers may come at any time to pick up needed items. We had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan, Operations Manager who is committed to serving the needs of the community.

We were excited to go to the Furniture Bank in Ottawa. The Wyatts helped facilitate the organization of the bank. It is now run by a board of directors, 3 employees, and lots of volunteers. We met David who is the manager and several volunteers.


The bank collects furniture and household items by donations from individuals and businesses, estate sales and yard sales. Families then make appointments to come to pick out furniture and household items at no cost to the family. If the family has no way to take the furniture themselves, the bank arranges delivery within a few days. It’s amazing to realize the magnitude of the need in Ottawa when 35-40 families per week are served by the furniture bank. While there we had the pleasure of helping to unpack some boxes that had arrived that day from an estate sale. Working_at..re_Bank.jpg

We meet the face of Matthew House Ottawa. At long last we got to see the house our children and church has supported through the Ride for Refuge. Kim_and_Ji..w_House.jpg Jim and Barbara were thrilled to meet one of the couples staying there. They arrived 4 days ago from Ukraine. O & O were preparing for their first interview with immigration officials the next day. We enjoyed sitting to talk with them while the group toured the house. The group met R from Cameroon who was preparing to move into his own space to be more independent.

We went for “tea” at Tim Horton’s restaurant. It’s a big chain of coffee/pastry/fast food shops across Canada. (Tim Horton is a famous hockey player in Canada.) We had a great conversation with Marc and Kim about what it means to support and encourage a church and pastor working in Canada. We talked about the isolation that Christians often feel in a society of mostly non-Christians who are sometime hostile to the Christianity.

` After sandwiches at the Wyatts, we went out to drive around the city. Marc and Kim pointed out sights for us to see as we tour the city on Tuesday. We stopped for Beavertails—flat fried pastries that are topped with several choices such as sugar/cinnamon, Nutella, fruit, etc. Yum, yum!

Time to rest to get ready for the next day.

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Food Bank, Chateauguay, Day 2

Giving the Food Away

overcast 75 °F

What a day! We collected, sorted, and distributed lots of food.

Our day began at 7:00 am. The men took the panel van and went to the farm and bakery to collect food donations. They returned mid-day with the van stuffed full. The bread was freshly baked. The vegetables were just picked. The fruits were fresh and perfectly ripe. When the van was unloaded the basement of the church was full of food. It was all divided into individual baskets for families to pick up. What bounty to share! Cleaning_the_Freezer_.jpg

The church has plastic crates for each family. Today we spread out 109 crates in the hall and classrooms. Each type of food was divided and packaged into 109 bags. Then workers each took one type of food and placed it in each of the 109 boxes. There were people moving around in tight spaces, filling boxes, counting loaves of bread and desserts, cleaning and packaging vegetables, and counting yogurt. The carrots were checked for bad places and the leeks were cleaned with wilted outer leaves removed. No family received any food item that we would not buy or eat ourselves. These foods were not stale or rotting leftovers from the suppliers. Everything was fresh and good and healthy.

We placed boxes on each table, added salad greens, bread, desserts, and yogurt to the table for each family to pick up. Families pay $12.00 for each food box. The money is used to pay the operating costs of the van. We estimated the cost of the food in the US would be $150.00 or more. Families bring their own bags in which to take the food home. What a joy it was to see them come in a few at a time and leave with more food than they could carry. We all were pleased to help them to their cars with bags of groceries.



All families spoke French, some spoke English. Each of us used the few French phrases we knew and then resorted to sign language when necessary. Always the families understood us and thanked us and church members for the food they received.

What a sight it was at the end of the day to see the rooms and hallways empty where they had once been filled with food boxes and to know that families would have food for the coming week.

After a long day, we were hosted for a evening meal by Richard and Louise. Richard grilled spare ribs with a special Asian sauce. They were delicious. It was a treat to sit around the table and talk with our Chateauguay friends during and after a lovely meal. Christian fellowship is always a joy.

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